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Rihanna Launches Fenty Skin In The Most Fun Way

When Rihanna launches anything at all, be it fashion, lingerie, beauty or new music, it’s always in the most remarkable way.  
Last week, the starlet hosted a first-of-its-kind, global house party to celebrate the launch of her cruelty free skin care line, Fenty Skin. The digital house party welcomed attendees from all over the world to “meet up“ at the Fenty Skin house, where Rihanna surprised fans and friends with live video chats for the world to see! 




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Inside the house, Fenty Skin Ambassador Sean Garrette chatted with Rihanna at the “spa”, and then guided guests to discover the 3 debut clean, vegan, earth-conscious, multitasking Fenty Skin products – Total Cleans’r Remove-It-All Cleanser, Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum, and Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen – known together as the Fenty Skin Start’rs.  




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Guests were also invited to discover fun facts about the products through treasures hidden in the garden around the virtual hot tub and explore dynamic content from skincare experts and enthusiasts in the sink’s mirror. 
The digital party-goers also connected and live-streamed their moves from the living room dance floor as if they were dancing together in reality – and even famed rapper of the hit “Old Town Road,” Lil’ Nas X got in on the action before livestreaming with Rihanna about skincare, music, and more! There was also a bar in the “sunken lounge” where people mingled and indulged in custom Fenty Skin cocktails and mocktails at which they could even create their own with the help of the party’s bartender and then email themselves a copy of their drink recipe to recreate the mixology magic after the party stopped.




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Fenty Skin has officially launched exclusively at www.fentyskin.com, which includes international shipping to over 180 countries around the globe. 
The brand is clean, uncomplicated, effective skincare for all. Led by brand CEO Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Fenty Skin is a result of Rihanna’s personal skincare journey, global experiences, and real-life routine. Each multitasking product is specifically designed to deliver a streamlined, approachable, value-packed regimen and work seamlessly with makeup on all skin tones.  Featuring ingredients from around the world, earth-conscious packaging, and vegan and gluten-free formulas, Fenty Skin also celebrates and respects what the planet has to offer.   
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Why FOREO’s UFO Is Your Skin Savior

The lack of hydration whilst fasting in Ramadan can leave skin looking tired and dry and it’s now time to restore a supple and plump face! Since we’re all under under lockdown, there are no excuses not to practice self-care, so we’ve rounded up a FOREO guide just for you!




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To maintain a continuous glow, FOREO’s latest in skincare is the UFO which is a smart mask treatment to take your skin from “drab to fab.” The perfect investment for your skin, this beauty gadget helps you to achieve the same dazzling glow, clear skin and fresh complexion without having to visit a clinic.




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These are all of the reasons why FOREO’s UFO and add on products are the perfect skincare companion:
Mask On, Mask Off
With the UFO, you don’t have to stick to just one mask. There are seven different mask treatments to choose from that you can switch up depending on what your skin needs; try Shimmer Freak to banish any signs of fatigue, the Call it a Night mask which is formulated with rich olive oil for maximum hydration or Make My Day, a red algae and hyaluronic dream.
For All Skin Types
The UFO is safe and effective for all skin types as it is made with ultra-hygienic silicone that’s soft to touch. It’s super user friendly and comes with step-by-step instructions on your FOREO app each time you use the device. Anyone and everyone has the opportunity to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin.
Get That Spa Feeling In Your Bathroom
Allowing you to achieve professional results at home, the UFO is created by the same experts who pioneered the original sheet mask concept – the UFO will leave you feeling like you’ve just had a professional facial! With LED lights, cooling and heating functions, you will have a full spa-worthy experience at home.
3 Minutes Is All It Takes
Taking only 90 seconds to complete the treatment, the UFO leaves you with time to do all the other important things in your life – and at this festive time, its not something that will disrupt prayer time, family time or iftar prep! Offering big results in a short amount of time, thanks to the UFO’s advanced technology, means that you treat yourself to the spa experience every day.
It’s the Perfect Travel Companion
Super lightweight, the UFO can be taken anywhere with you. Even though you can’t travel far at the moment it’s easy to pack into your suitcase, overnight bag or handbag, making it the perfect travel companion for the future. It’s also USB rechargeable, you can treat yourself to the full UFO experience anywhere.
FOREO is available in-store at Sephora across the Middle East, as well as Sephora online, www.namshi.com and other premium channels. The UFO is priced at AED 1,000 and the smart masks are priced between AED 55 – AED 110.
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